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Ghana Shea Landscape Emission Reductions Project

To support the implementation of Ghana’s ambitious climate agenda, UNDP, in partnership with the Forestry Commission, developed a project proposal for the “Ghana Shea Landscape REDD+ Project” and this…  

Improving Response Capacities to terrorism in Peacekeeping theatres in Africa

The project aims to improve the technical skills of African peacekeepers in protecting themselves against attacks. It is being implemented by the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre…  

Multi-stakeholder Waste Recovery Initiative

UNDP is facilitating the creation of a digitally enabled multi-stakeholder platform to connect key stakeholders with data and technological solutions for resource recovery.  


Ghana has committed to pursue coordinated actions to reduce the negative impacts of climate change on its citizenry and to create a low carbon emission development pathway.  

Environmentally Sustainable Production Practices in Cocoa Landscapes (ESP II)

The ESP II is a continuation and the second phase of the Environmental Sustainability and Policy (ESP I) for Cocoa Production in Ghana Project. This new phase is designed to build on results and…  

Increased Resilience to Climate Change in Northern Ghana through the Management of Water Resources and Diversification of Livelihoods

The main objective of the programme is to enhance the resilience and adaptive capacity of rural livelihoods to climate impacts and risks on water resources in Northern Ghana. The objective will be…  

China-Ghana South-South Cooperation on Renewable Energy Technology Transfer

In order to enable coherent cooperation between China and countries in Africa, in particular around the promotion of the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative, UNDP China has been funded…  

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