The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), with funding from the Coca-Cola Foundation (TCCF), is inviting applications from second-cycle schools to submit proposals on project ideas to address waste management challenges in Ghana. 

This falls under the upcoming Integrated Waste Management Fair (IWMF), seeking to provide an opportunity to connect the different strands of work on waste management and different stakeholders to enable cross-fertilization of solutions, partnerships and resources to support businesses, government and the citizenry to transition to a green and circular economy.

The objective of this challenge is to promote awareness among the general populace on the challenges of waste, solutions for integrated waste management, segregation at source especially at the household level and how individuals, institutions, corporations, government and civil society can be involved in the solutions to promote waste management.  The ISWMC is a competition for second-cycle schools. We encourage that at least ten (10) Schools participate from each region. Schools that apply to the challenge will have the opportunity to design and develop innovative solutions for waste management that can easily be championed, and implemented by their schools.

This call for Full Proposals is focused entirely on actions targeted at solving an existing waste management challenge in a specific area/community or region targeting second life stage/recovery and re-use of “waste”.

For more information and application, please download:


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