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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) wishes to announce two calls for proposals from for the 1st edition of its ‘Waste’ Recovery Innovation Challenge (WRIC):

1.       Research: The WRIC will support at least 1 research project that will lead to the promotion and/or test of innovative solutions for the recovery of waste into other essential products/services, and/or waste reduction or avoidance. The research project should as part of its outcomes lead to an innovation or the creation of a sustainable business that has the possibility of making profit in the short, medium and long term; create employment and other income generation opportunities especially for youth, women and vulnerable people; and should lead to/contribute to bringing a lasting solution to a waste management challenge in a specific area/community or region.

For Research applicants, all proposals should be developed and submitted using the ‘WRIC RESEARCH PROPOSAL APPLICATION FORM’ template.  See further background information and guidelines in the ‘WRIC CALL FOR RESEARCH PROPOSALS’ document.

2.       Advocacy/Awareness Creation: the WRIC will support at least 1 project that will lead to the promotion of best practices in waste management, and promotion of circular economy approaches in waste/sanitation management. The advocacy/awareness creation project should lead to increased understanding on opportunities for waste recovery or waste reduction/avoidance in Ghana and positive behavioural change from poor waste management practices to best and acceptable practices.

For Advocacy/Awareness Creation applicants, all proposals should be developed and submitted using the ‘WRIC ADVOCACY-AWARENESS CREATION APPLICATION FORM’ template.  See further background information and guidelines in the ‘WRIC CALL FOR ADVOCACY-AWARENESS CREATION PROPOSALS’ document.

We are therefore requesting interested applicants to submit their proposal to UNDP to competition.gh@undp.org by 11 April 2019, 5pm GMT. All relevant information (including the guidelines and the application form) can be found on UNDP Ghana Website.

The WRIC is taking place under the auspices of the ‘Waste’ Recovery Platform, which aims to connect key stakeholders along the waste management value chain with data and technological solutions for waste recovery. This is expected to: facilitate more cost-effective and transparent access to ready data for evidenced-based planning on waste and sanitation management; enhance access to knowledge on best available technologies on waste recovery; make it easier to find/link solution providers and off-takers; stimulate research and innovation on waste recovery; create an online market place for waste resource exchange; and build capacity of key personnel (local government, private sector, NGOs and Academia) to enhance waste and sanitation management particularly at the decentralized level.

The Platform and its features are currently being co-designed by 5 multi-stakeholder technical working groups facilitated by UNDP For more information or  if  interested in joining the process, please see:  https://bit.ly/2DoEbEe and contact  joel.darkwah@undp.org

Call for Proposal Documents


1. Research Application Form

2. Research Call for Proposal Document

Advocacy & Awareness Creation

1.  Advocacy Application Form

2. Advocacy Call for Proposal Document 

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