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Solace in Snail Greenhouses

A young Ghanaian entrepreneur and an awardee of UNDP supported Youth Innovation for Sustainable Development (YISD) Challenge finds economic freedom in an eco-friendly snail rearing business.  

Putting people at the centre of development for SDGs attainment

SDGs can best be achieved through partnerships and multilateralism. Together, the world can advance human security in all its dimensions, to secure a better future for all people and the planet.  

Empowering women in climate action with alternative livelihood options

With more partners, UNDP and partners can continue to support communities to adapt to climate change impacts in Ghana.  

Greening agricultural produce for people and the planet: the story of a Social Entrepreneur in Ghana

Abdullah Hamza is a young social entrepreneur, doing amazing work in the Northern Region of Ghana, with his ‘greening commodities’ business that is contributing to the fight against climate change.  

From saving in boxes with 3 padlocks to mobile wallets

UNDP and partners are supporting women to harness mobile technology for digital and financial inclusion. This is to empower them to run strong and profitable businesses and bridge digital gaps.  

The next frontier of human development - the shared fate of people and planet

Ghana joins the rest of the world in launching a landmark report that shapes the new frontier in global human development. The report recognizes that for the first time in a relationship spanning…  

Elections 2020: promoting disarmament and discouraging the use of light weapons in Ghana's elections

Under its “BallotswithoutBullets” campaign, UNDP and partners carried out peace sensitization outreach in 5 constituencies to engage and educate the public on peaceful elections in Ghana.  

Small arms and light weapons control: role of CSOs critical

CSOs in Ghana are being trained to enhance their capacity to advocate on emerging trends on small arms and light weapons.  

The role of young people in shaping peace together

The achievement of the SDGs will be meaningless without the existence of peace.  

Operationalizing Volunteer Credits to protect and transform businesses amidst COVID-19

Members of professional associations and individuals should consider earning ‘Volunteer Credits’ by taking actions that protect businesses and help them transform.  

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