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UNDP and NYA, growing talents of young people for Ghana’s development

UNDP and NYA are supporting young people with the requisite entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to contribute to the achievement of SDGs.  

Transitioning to a circular economy with a multi-stakeholder platform in Ghana

We cannot continue with business as usual - a circular economy approach can help, in fact it is critical!  

Exploring the potential of Green Bonds for SDGs financing in Ghana

UNDP and Ministry of Finance are training key national stakeholders on Green Bonds, to facilitate Ghana’s active participation in the green bond markets.  

Political parties urged to maintain constant dialogue ahead of Ghana’s 2020 general elections

NCCE with support from UNDP is reviving the Inter-Party Dialogue Committees (IPDCs) in ten regions of Ghana and has inaugurated new ones in the six newly created regions.  

Elections in Ghana: The Role of the Youth in Peace Building

UNDP and CDD engaged young people on their role in peacebuilding and conflict prevention.  

The UNDP climate promise: an opportunity to increase climate ambition

UNDP is leading by example. With the recently launched UNDP’s “Climate Promise”, 100 countries will be supported to enhance their Nationally Determined Contributions by 2020.  

Supporting young people’s innovative solutions for sustainable development

Young innovators presented their innovative solutions at the Youth Innovation for Sustainable Development (YISD) Challenge held by UNDP and National Youth Authority.  

Grassroot engagement is key to ending political vigilantism and electoral violence, UNDP-CDD report

Findings of a research on political vigilantism and electoral violence emphasized the need for grassroot engagement to end political vigilantism and electoral violence.  

Managing community waste to improve food security

UNDP/GEFSGP programme is supporting communities to turn waste generated at home and farm residues into compost to increase crop yields.  

Med Safety App for reporting side effects of medicines and other health products in Ghana

The Med Safety Mobile App is designed to encourage reporting of harmful and unexpected side effects of health products.  

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