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Mobilizing communities towards sustainability for people and for planet

Leveraging the influence of traditional leaders in natural resources management as being done in the FOREST Okyeman project is the most effective way to drive communities towards sustainable practices…  

UNDP appreciates Government’s continued contributions to its operations in Ghana

UNDP appreciates Government’s continued contributions to its operations in Ghana.  

Building strong community health system to leave no one behind

If COVID-19 has taught the world any lesson, it is that leaving others behind in the access to quality healthcare services is a potent threat to the health of all.  

Ehmblehm Farms wins SDGs Pitch contest at Ho Technical University

The SDGs Innovative Challenge held in Ho ended in joy for Ehmblehm Farms, Wash Advancement Centre(iWash Africa), and VizlaEguApp who were in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively. Speaking to the media…  

Resolving conflict through youth-led engagements

Thanks to a timely engagement by a youth group in Paga, a feuding faction has resolved to deepen engagements and promote non-violent ways of settling disputes.  

Reducing plastic waste menace in Ghana

City Waste Recycling, led by Vivian Ahiayibor, recycles plastic waste into other products, contributing to efforts to reduce the plastic waste menace in Ghana.  

Bridging the gender inequality gap from the grassroots

It is important to end all forms of discrimination against women, girls, and youth to ensure a sustainable future for all.  

Businesses in Ghana are recovering from COVID-19 shocks, albeit variations in response across different types of firms

COVID-19 Business Tracker Waves I-III findings indicate improvements for businesses through a variety of channels and positive impact expected in the future.  

Over 500,000 people to benefit from Shea Landscape Emission Reductions Project

The Ghana Shea Landscape Emission Reductions Project has been launched to improve the lives of over 500,000 people, especially women in the Northern Savannah Zone of Ghana.  

Towards a cooler planet

Ghana’s National Cooling Plan was released for implementation to contribute to the country’s climate action efforts towards the achievement of the SDGs.  

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