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Ghana COVID-19 Agribusiness Tracker Summary Report

New data on the impact of the pandemic on agribusinesses in Ghana suggest it may take a little more time and support for businesses to recover from the impact of the pandemic.  

Five MMDAs launch COVID-19 Recovery Plans and Integrated Assembly Financing Frameworks to build back better

Five MMDAs supported by UNDP and National Development Planning Commission to launch COVID-19 Recovery Plans and Integrated Assembly Financing Frameworks to build back better.  

Bold steps are required to advance equitable human progress while easing planetary pressure, new UNDP report

The 2020 Human Development Report, ‘The Next Frontier: Human Development and the Anthropocene’, lays out a stark choice for world leaders - take bold steps to reduce the immense pressure that is being…  

Ghanaian businesses are recovering but shortfalls in revenue remain a challenge, second COVID -19 Business Tracker reveals

Findings from a second-round COVID-19 Business Tracker Survey conducted between August-September, reveal Ghanaian businesses are recovering, but revenue shortfalls persist.  

Ghana COVID-19 Business Tracker Survey Wave 2 Report

Second COVID -19 Business Tracker reveals Ghanaian businesses are bouncing back but shortfalls in revenue recovering remain a challenge  

COVID-19 forced businesses in Ghana to reduce wages for over 770,000 workers, and caused about 42,000 layoffs - research reveals

The shock caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has had considerable impacts on Ghanaian firms, forcing businesses to reduce staff hours, cut wages, & lay-off workers.  

Business Impacts and Recovery Pathways for Ghana

COVID19 is affecting businesses & everyone, its recovery pathway will not only ease the pains but create new opportunities of doing things differently.  

Ghana Statistical Service and UNDP partner to track impacts of COVID-19 on businesses and border economies

Ghana Statistical Service and UNDP have rolled out a Business Tracker, an online survey targeting businesses to assess the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 in Ghana.  

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