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Strengthening capacity to protect our forests

UNDP and partners are strengthening the capacity of fire volunteers to effectively manage wildfires in identified hotspots in Ghana.  

Ghana Integrated Waste Management Fair 2021 Report

Get highlights from the Ghana Integrated Waste Management Fair 2021 in this report.  

Policy and Programme Recommendations- Ghana Integrated Waste Management Fair 2021

The report recommends key actions to build a vibrant and sustained waste management ecosystem in Ghana.  

Steam Production Systems in Food, Beverage and Palm Oil Industries: An Assessment

This evaluates the state of industrial boiler and artisanal cooking systems and associated challenges in Ghana.  

Climate Change: Gender Action Plan

This is to facilitate the integration of gender considerations into policies, programmes and strategies related to climate change in Ghana.  

Ghana’s Gender Mainstreaming and NDC:Toolkit

This gender mainstreaming toolkit to ensure that the various actions within Ghana's Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) are consciously implemented with gender in mind.  

Ghana’s NDC in Water, Waste, Health, Transport, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Service Sectors: Gender Analysis

This report provides an analysis of the extent to which Ghana's 31 NDC programmes of action integrate issues pertaining to gender.  

Gender Analysis of Ghana's NDC Sectors- Synthesis Report

This Synthesis Report provides a snapshot of the sector contributions and gender-differentiated impacts of the seven priority sectors highlighted in Ghana’s NDCs (GH-NDCs).  

Ghana's NDC Financing Strategy

This financing strategy is intended to provide direction to help mobilize resources for the implementation of the NDCs, and in doing so, enable Ghana to achieve climate mitigation and adaptation…  

Rice husks to cooking fuel – a grassroots experimenter’s journey

UNDP Ghana experiments suggest that briquettes can last up to twice as long as charcoal. With more partnerships, rice briquettes could be adopted on a large scale, as eco-friendly fuel to help save…  

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