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Call for Proposal: Integrated Plastic Waste Management

Call for proposal for a grant to develop and implement solutions that adopt a system analysis approach to address plastic pollution in Ghana.  

Ghana Integrated Waste Management Fair 2021 Report

Get highlights from the Ghana Integrated Waste Management Fair 2021 in this report.  

Policy and Programme Recommendations- Ghana Integrated Waste Management Fair 2021

The report recommends key actions to build a vibrant and sustained waste management ecosystem in Ghana.  

Rice husks to cooking fuel – a grassroots experimenter’s journey

UNDP Ghana experiments suggest that briquettes can last up to twice as long as charcoal. With more partnerships, rice briquettes could be adopted on a large scale, as eco-friendly fuel to help save…  

Igniting grassroots actions for a cooler planet

Depletion of the ozone layer calls for actions to preserve and protect the planet.  

EPA and UNDP to strengthen cooperation on climate action towards a green recovery

UNDP in Ghana commended Ghana on its updated ambitious climate action plan and called for implementation.  

Every waste counts

Rose Serwaa Oduro, a young Ghanaian entrepreneur and innovator, is using organic waste to produce animal feed and fertilizer.  

2020 UNDP Ghana Annual Report

UNDP Ghana 2020 Annual Report  

Cooling the planet using environmentally friendly refrigerants

UNDP and the EPA are building the capacity of technicians to transition from the use of Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC 22) which is an ozone-depleting chemical to a more environmentally friendly…  

UNDP supports waste management innovations in schools

Three senior high schools awarded a total of $9,000 to enable them implement innovative waste management projects in schools.  

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