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Changing behaviour: lessons in community waste management in Ghana

This blog discusses lessons from a 3-month project to clean up an inner-city community in Accra, which was grappling with problems of indiscriminate dumping of waste.  

How Ghana is Strengthening its Climate Plan

The clock on the UN’s Decade of Action has started ticking fast and 2020 marks a critical five-year milestone for Ghana under the Paris Agreement. Ghana has begun the process of revising its NDCs…  

Operationalizing Volunteer Credits to protect and transform businesses amidst COVID-19

Members of professional associations and individuals should consider earning ‘Volunteer Credits’ by taking actions that protect businesses and help them transform.  

Leaving no one behind, lessons from COVID-19

COVID-19 has exposed the dangers inequalities can have on the collective survival of societies.  

Crisis is the Mother of Invention: Mitigating COVID-19 through Innovation

Resilience and creativity are critical in fighting COVID-19 and UNDP’s global network of Accelerator Labs is uniquely placed to support innovation at this time.  

COVID-19: Learning in the midst of the crisis

COVID-19 will be over one day, but lessons I learnt in my early career at UNDP will never be forgotten.  

Investing in social services and climate actions to prepare better for pandemics

Investment in social services and climate actions will help us prepare better for pandemics.  

'Eco-conscious Kofi' and 'Just-passing Ama' – Experiments by UNDP Ghana’s Accelerator Lab on recycling

Ghana UNDP Accelerator Lab team is deploying Behavioural Insight techniques to understand how individuals make decisions on recycling.  

Partnerships: a key to sustainable waste management in Ghana

The journey to sustainable waste management and maximizing the full benefits of waste cannot be achieved without partnerships.  

Digital health and data-driven innovation could revolutionize TB response, experts say

Tuberculosis (TB) remains the biggest killer among infectious diseases in the world, but experts at TICAD7 say breakthroughs in digital health and data-driven innovation could finally provide relief.  

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