Up-scaling Innovation towards the SDGs with Micro-Level Solutions

UNDP SDG Philanthropy Platform provided catalytic grants to three organizations to test ideas in the water sector in Ghana.  

Towards Impact Investing in Ghana

Impact investing can unlock private capital for organizations which continue to remain at the forefront of innovation, to address the many challenges in healthcare, environment, education,…  

Re-engaging Private sector for Sustainable Development

The private sector needs to be explored as a critical partner to facilitate the implementation of the SDGs and the African Union's agenda 2063.  

A Life Changing Experience

...Yes, to many of us, that was how we felt a night before 3rd September ,2018, a day we were to report at the offices of the UNDP, to begin our national service.  

Paving the Way for Access to Medicines in Ghana

The Access and Delivery Partnership (ADP) supports countries and institutions in building capacity for the timely introduction and scale-up of new health technologies. ADP has been working in Ghana…  

Towards a Greater Government Philanthropy Collaboration

The increasing need for innovative and complementary approaches to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at scale calls for a greater government-philanthropy collaboration.  

Memories of Gold

The future belongs to the young. Though many say it with little or no meaning, just to sound politically correct or trendy, Others do with the conviction that the current generation of young people…  

The creeping mercury menace - Solution is here!

The Minamata Convention was agreed by more than 120 countries in October 2013, to increase global efforts to significantly reduce and eliminate mercury releases in the atmosphere, land and water…  

We have a relevant mandate

March 2017 started with an exciting challenge. I had the opportunity of travelling to northern Ghana to monitor some projects on disaster preparedness and to assess their impact.  

Access and Delivery Partnership, utilizing new approaches to solve old problems

Access to medicines is an age old problem. However, in recent times there have been new calls to address this issue.  

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