'Eco-conscious Kofi' and 'Just-passing Ama' – Experiments by UNDP Ghana’s Accelerator Lab on recycling

Ghana UNDP Accelerator Lab team is deploying Behavioural Insight techniques to understand how individuals make decisions on recycling.  

Partnerships: a key to sustainable waste management in Ghana

The journey to sustainable waste management and maximizing the full benefits of waste cannot be achieved without partnerships.  

Digital health and data-driven innovation could revolutionize TB response, experts say

Tuberculosis (TB) remains the biggest killer among infectious diseases in the world, but experts at TICAD7 say breakthroughs in digital health and data-driven innovation could finally provide relief.  

Health experts at TICAD7 highlight partnerships and innovative initiatives as central to accelerating universal health coverage in Africa

New partnerships and investments are vital to making universal health coverage in Africa a reality, said high-level experts at a side event at TICAD 7  

Up-scaling Innovation towards the SDGs with Micro-Level Solutions

UNDP SDG Philanthropy Platform provided catalytic grants to three organizations to test ideas in the water sector in Ghana.  

Towards Impact Investing in Ghana

Impact investing can unlock private capital for organizations which continue to remain at the forefront of innovation, to address the many challenges in healthcare, environment, education,…  

Re-engaging Private sector for Sustainable Development

The private sector needs to be explored as a critical partner to facilitate the implementation of the SDGs and the African Union's agenda 2063.  

A Life Changing Experience

...Yes, to many of us, that was how we felt a night before 3rd September ,2018, a day we were to report at the offices of the UNDP, to begin our national service.  

Paving the Way for Access to Medicines in Ghana

The Access and Delivery Partnership (ADP) supports countries and institutions in building capacity for the timely introduction and scale-up of new health technologies. ADP has been working in Ghana…  

Towards a Greater Government Philanthropy Collaboration

The increasing need for innovative and complementary approaches to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at scale calls for a greater government-philanthropy collaboration.  

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