UN in Ghana is working with the government to strengthen preparedness and response efforts on coronavirus.
We cannot continue with business as usual - a circular economy approach can help, in fact it is critical!
Promoting partnerships & leveraging digital innovations to accelerate SDGs achevement in Ghana.
Under Ghana YouthConnekt, UNDP and NYA awarded 16 young innovators 80,000 US dollars to upscale their businesses.
UNDP and Ministry of Finance trained key national stakeholders on Green Bonds, to facilitate Ghana’s active participation in the green bond markets.
UNDP launched Human Development Report on Northern Ghana. This report explores human development outcomes in the context of significant socio-economic disparities in the northern zone of Ghana.
Watch how UNDP is supporting Ghana to accelerate sustainable development.

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Population in million in 2016


Poverty rate (in 2012) down from 52.6% (in 1991) per World Bank


GNI per capita per the 2016 HDR


Human Dev. Index per the 2016 HDR

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