A young Ghanaian entrepreneur finds economic freedom in an eco-friendly snail rearing business.
UNDP engaged investors and businesses to channel private sector capital to accelerate the attainment of SDGs in Ghana.
With more partners, UNDP and partners can continue to support communities to adapt to climate change impacts in Ghana.
Ghana took delivery of critical COVID-19 medical supplies including PPEs & testing kits.
Abdullah Hamza is a young social entrepreneur, doing amazing work in Northern Ghana with his ‘greening commodities’ business model towards climate actions.
Stop stigmatizing people who recovered from COVID-19
UNDP’s new HDR 2020 identifies there building blocks for a transformative, lasting change for human development in balance with the planet: working with nature, improving incentives, and changing social norms.

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Poverty rate (in 2012) down from 52.6% (in 1991) per World Bank


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