Six African Countries Switch to Green Business Development for Sustainable Growth

Mar 23, 2017

Tony Lawer, a beneficiary of Switch Africa Green Programme through a training offered by Atlantis Electronics in Ghana (Photo credit: UN Environment Programme)

Stakeholders from six African countries are meeting in Accra, Ghana on March 23-24 at a Regional Policy Dialogue of the Switch Africa Green project.

The objective of this dialogue is to create a common understanding of policy landscape to enable countries strengthen their institutions with appropriate tools and legal instruments for green business development targeting four key sectors – agriculture, integrated waste management, manufacturing and tourism.

“Through the European Union's technical and financial support, the six countries implementing Switch Africa Green are well positioned to integrate climate change issues in a wide range of sectors. All stakeholders should actively contribute to translate these innovative policies into concrete actions,” said Paolo Salvia, European Union. “The European Union will continue supporting the six countries transition towards a greener economy, benefiting all citizens.”

The countries namely Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa and Uganda, selected three sectors for implementation based on their respective needs and priorities. They have already developed their national Sustainable Consumption and Production programmes and national green economy strategies. Green economy investment is one of the ways through which Africa can achieve economic growth that is sustainable, inclusive, and transformative.

The policy dialogue will provide a platform for policy-makers, partners and investors to identify concrete opportunities for further cooperation in green business entrepreneurship, eco-innovation and sustainable consumption and production in the region. The opportunities identified are implemented in line with the country policies.

"We have developed policies on Sustainable Development and Green Economy for Ghana to transition to a green economy through the promotion of sustainable consumption and production practices. Switch Africa Green project is supporting us to implement these policies and translate them into action," said Hon. Prof. Kwabena Frimpong Boateng, Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ghana.

Switch Africa Green is developed and funded by the European Union to support African countries in their transition to an inclusive green economy. These transitions are envisaged to materialize by adopting and implementing Sustainable Consumption and Production patterns and practices.

“Switch Africa Green has demonstrated that it is possible for micro, small, and medium enterprises to green their businesses through the application of sustainable consumption and production practices,” said, Frank Turyatunga, UN Environment.

“With support from the European Union and in collaboration with UNDP and UNOPS, UN Environment continues to work with these countries to put in place policies that support green business development in Africa.”

Contact information

Contact information: Kingsley Ansah Bekoe, National Coordinator, SWITCH Africa Green Programmne,; +233 2446 555 31; More information on SWITCH Africa Green is available at

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