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  • From donkey carts to ambulance vans – saving pregnant women in GhanaFrom donkey carts to ambulance vans – saving pregnant women in Ghana“But for the ambulance van, I would have been carried on a donkey cart or a motorbike to the nearest clinic or hospital. It could have been a little too late to save either my life or that of my unborn child”, says Rina Laartegee who had serious running discharge during labour and had to undergo emergency Caesarean section.

  • ICT empowers rural folks in GhanaICT empowers rural folks in GhanaICTs have played transformational roles in the development of economies worldwide. Ghana’s own effort in exploiting ICTs as enabler of socio-economic development is demonstrated in the development of Ghana’s ICT4AD Policy document that sets the broad framework for all ICT interventions.

  • Tapping into the women's goldTapping into the women's goldAdamu is a 65-year old woman from Sagnarigu Dungu, a community in Ghana’s Northern Region. She has been working with the Sangnarigu Women’s Shea Butter Group for 12 years. After getting married, she began producing shea butter on her own. "I used to make about GH¢ 6.OO (US$3.00) a month but now, I earn approximately GH¢ 50.00 (US$25.00) a month", she said.

  • Tapping the sun to increase rural incomes in GhanaTapping the sun to increase rural incomes in Ghana“I know the sun has power, but I never imagined it could change my life for good,” says Hawa Adams, a vegetable farmer. Hawa lives with her husband and eight children in Tamalgu, a farming community in northern Ghana. This region is much drier than the south, receiving an average annual rainfall of 750mm to 1,050mm. Agriculture is traditionally rain-fed and serves as the primary livelihood of more than 80 percent of the population.

Latest Ghana MDG Report
2010 Ghana MDG report

The main objective of this 2010 Ghana MDGs Report is to capture Ghana’s progress towards the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as at 2010. The Report analyzes the goals based on the targets and indicators for each goal and the extent to which they could be attained by 2015. Progress towards the eight Millennium Development Goals is measured on the basis of 21 targets and 60 official indicators. The 2010 Ghana MDG report presents how far Ghana has come in meeting the eight goals based on 17 targets and 35 indicators using data available as at December 2010.

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