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ICT empowers rural children

For many school children in deprived communities in Ghana, ICT was just a distant dream. Their schools did not have computers. In some cases, there were a few old models which none of them was allowed to practice with. Akosua Ampomah and her friends at Nkawie in the Ashanti Region were excited to smore


Tapping into the women's gold

When crushed and processed, the nuts of the shea tree yield a vegetable fat known as shea butter. Generations of women in northern Ghana have passed on to their daughters the technique of manually harvesting and processing shea nuts into butter. Shea butter is used as cooking oil for traditional dismore

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Latest Ghana MDG Report
2010 Ghana MDG report

The main objective of this 2010 Ghana MDGs Report is to capture Ghana’s progress towards the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as at 2010. The Report analyzes the goals based on the targets and indicators for each goal and the extent to which they could be attained by 2015. Progress towards the eight Millennium Development Goals is measured on the basis of 21 targets and 60 official indicators. The 2010 Ghana MDG report presents how far Ghana has come in meeting the eight goals based on 17 targets and 35 indicators using data available as at December 2010.

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