Ghana Post-2015 Partnership Platform for Philanthropy


About the platform


The ‘Post-2015 Partnership Platform for Philanthropy” is a global initiative that was launched in 2014 with the objective of facilitating such an engagement and fostering a dialogue between philanthropy and development stakeholders. The platform seeks to build on the collaboration between United Nations and philanthropic organizations that emerged at the global level around the Post-2015 Development Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which will replace the millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2015. The platform is being piloted in selected countries: Kenya, Colombia, Indonesia and Ghana.





Globally and in Ghana as well, there is a culture of giving and support to charitable causes as well as a growing role for philanthropic and corporate foundations. Increasingly, it is becoming clear that the impact of such contributions could be enhanced if they could be more aligned to meeting priority national and global development objectives.
The platform comes at an opportune time for Ghana. At the global level, the new more ambitious SDGs will be endorsed by all UN member states, including Ghana, in late September 2015.

Ghana has also just launched the process to develop a long term (40 year) plan (2018-2057) which will be aligned to the SDGs (2016-2030) and other priority development agreements and objectives. It is clear that collaborative activities and partnerships with philanthropy can play a particularly important role in middle income countries such as Ghana going forward.

Objectives of the platform in Ghana


  • Create an enabling environment for philanthropy to contribute to SDGs and Ghana’s national development agenda using shared frameworks;
  • Strengthen voices and advocacy messages of philanthropy at policy dialogues locally and globally;
  • Create systematic entry points for collaboration;
  • Facilitate multi-stakeholder partnerships around specific goals/objectives and between philanthropy and key actors of development: government, the UN System,     private sector, NGOs and academia;
  • Provide development data for philanthropy that contribute to develop real transformative initiatives;
  • Help in improving practices of philanthropy to increase confidence in the sector.

Timelines of the global project (2014-2017)


The website which will provide information for the project and track contributions of philanthropy at global level and particularly in the pilot countries going forward will be formally launched soon. 

Launch of the Platform in Ghana

 Hon. Mona Quartey delivering a speech at the launch


 A panel session at the launch of the platform

The Ghana platform was launched on 9 July 2015.  See press release here. More than 100 leaders met in Accra to discuss how to join forces to collectively implement the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Ghana. Participants from business, philanthropy, social investment, the UN system, non-governmental organizations, and government had a rare opportunity to exchange information and share their ideas concerning the future of Ghana’s development. They also discussed a broad array of challenges related to water and sanitation, education, livelihoods, youth employability and more. See agenda and bios here.

The report of the launch is now available. The platform is led by Ms. Pearl Darko, the National Coordinator who has the responsible for leading the development of the platform and meeting its objectives.  The coordinator will operate out of a project coordination unit located in UNDP to facilitate engagement with the UN system.

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