Support for Development and Operation of COCOBOD’s Ghana Cocoa Platform


The Ghana Cocoa Platform is an initiative aimed at enhancing public-private dialogue and joint action planning to support the scale up of sustainable production in the sector. The Platform consists of long term facilitated dialogues for stakeholders directly involved with the Ghanaian cocoa supply chain.

The Ghana Cocoa Platform is an opportunity to address main barriers for sustainable cocoa production by generating dialogue between producers, government, and buyers. The platform aims to address the root of the problems, such as land tenure system, policy and institutional capacity for national technical support, access to crop inputs, access to finance and markets. The Cocoa Platform will complement and add value to the current on-the-ground efforts by enhancing information exchange and coordination between the stakeholders involved.

The Platform is chaired and hosted by COCOBOD with strong participation from other Ministries, such as the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Finance. The Platform will organize a series of plenary meetings for all stakeholders on a regular basis with the guidance of Platform Coordination Unit and Steering Committee.  Platform meetings will be supported by a combination of technical papers and technical committees.

These technical committees will be organized around specific areas for intervention, which will be defined by the actors participating in the platform depending on the needs of the sector.  These technical committees are composed of experts and active institutions convened to prepare joint action and investment plans to tackle the prioritized issues.

In addition to the focus on the national level, a global knowledge and coordination function will also be implemented, in order to enable the transfer of effective approaches, lessons learned across countries and across commodities to Ghana and to capture and disseminate the lessons and successes from Ghana at the global level.



The total project budget is US $1.2 million, financed by UNDP/UN-REDD and Mondelēz Cocoa Life.