China-Ghana South-South Cooperation on Renewable Energy Technology Transfer


In order to enable coherent cooperation between China and countries in Africa, in particular around the promotion of the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative, UNDP China has been funded to develop two projects, one with Zambia and one with Ghana. Both aim to ensure a more holistic transfer of renewable energy technologies from China to Africa. The planned support will not transfer hardware per se, but focus on the institutional framework and capacity required to make the local absorption of renewable energy technologies effective.

The present project is a collaboration between the Energy Commission in Ghana, the Ministry of Science and Technology in China together with the UNDP Country Offices in Accra and Beijing. The project will facilitate exchange of expertise and technology between China and Ghana, building on China’s unique development experience.

While Ghana has made strong efforts to electrify the country, with 70% nationwide electrification rate, rural areas lack behind with only 40% of the rural population enjoying access to electricity, and the lack of access to electricity affects rural development in Ghana. Electricity provides lighting, commercial opportunities, access to water and health care and connects rural communities with urban centers through information technology. However, connecting rural communities to the national grid is faced with geographic barriers and financial constraints.

This project aims to address Ghana’s need to increase the universal energy access by effectuating off-grid community-based electrification, increasing the share of renewable energy, and promoting the productive uses of energy - hereby also supporting broader socio-economic and environmental objectives, most notably poverty reduction through employment generation and supporting action on climate change mitigation. The project will do so by creating an enabling environment - in Ghana for absorbing new technology and in China for providing it appropriately.

The project also promotes the production of renewable energy technologies in Ghana with a strong focus on private sector development and inclusion. In China, the project will support the review and updating of South-South Cooperation policies and guidelines and build solid capacity for China to engage more systematically in South-South Cooperation in order to support Ghana’s national development goals and priorities for poverty reduction and provision of energy.


The estimated project budget is $ 2,720,000


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