Consolidating Representation and Participation in Ghana


UNDP in Ghana is building on previous initiatives to enhance accountability, transparency and oversight capacities of individuals and groups in decision making and implementing capacities at the local government level to promote increased public confidence and participation and to promote the increased participation of women and youth in decision making process.

During the 2013-2014 period; UNDP in Ghana will support the Government of Ghana’s efforts to support the decentralization process and strengthen local government capacities in participatory planning and resource management. Platforms for dialogue will be nurtured at all levels of the political, decentralization and electoral processes to strengthen the capacities of public officials and increase awareness among citizens of their entitlements and responsibilities. In addition, the participation and decision making capacities of key national institutions such as the Electoral Commission (EC) and National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) will also be strengthened to address critical bottlenecks in the political process.

The project contributes to two UNDAF outcomes as follows:

(1) Governance institutions operate within a decentralized enabling environment and promote inclusive, accountable and transparent governance.

(2)Functional national mechanisms established to inform women and vulnerable groups about their rights.


Through the effort of the project, two research studies into capacity constraints of district assemblies to implement the new decentralization policy have been concluded. Moreover, about 750 persons benefitted from three Sensitization and Advocacy workshops on New Decentralization Policy Framework and Action Plan carried out. This aside, the capacity of over 300 women groups, 60 youth groups and 40 Persons with Disability groups has been built on Composite budgeting and District Assembly planning.

Over 56 clauses of un-entrenched constitutional provisions, including the election of local district chief executives have been prepared and ready for amendment. About seven sensitization meetings have been held with the media, professional bodies and key stakeholders on the Constitutional reforms while over 800 organizations have registered in a youth on-line directory to facilitate the engagement of the youth in development and governance processes.


The total project budget for 2013 is US$1,183,330). As at 31st October, 2013, total delivery stood at US$679,342) representing 57%.

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