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Description of the assignment: Renewable Energy Policy Review, Identification of Gaps and Solutions

Project: 'China-Ghana South-South Cooperation on Renewable Energy Technology Transfer' project

Contract modality: Individual Contract (National Consultancy)

Period of assignment/services: 2.5 months

Starting date: 16 April 2015

Application deadline: 30 March 2015

How does UNDP do business

Depending on the nature and size of the project and its procurement elements, UNDP may use any of the following competitive methods set out in these Guidelines to procure goods, civil works or services. Commonly used competitive methods include:

Open International Competition
Limited International Competition
Local and/or National Competition

UNDP regards open international competition (OIC) as the preferred method of procurement with its overall ability to achieve all principal objectives of the intended programme. However, in many circumstances where it is determined that OIC is not feasible, staff may employ use of an alternative method. In such, UNDP requires its staff to ensure that the selected method is both economic and efficient (i.e., obtains the best value for money). All methods of procurement irrespectively must be open and fair to all interested Offerors to the extent possible.


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In 2013, the work of the UNCT was significantly impacted by the opposition rejection of results emanating from the December 2012 Presidential Elections. The main opposition party took this dispute to the Supreme Court and the case was eventually concluded in August 2013 confirming once again Ghana’s democratic dividend and stability.

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