UNDP in Ghana Goes Green

Here is how to know how much energy we consume? Simply go to the website:  http://www.enefgy.com/en/user/login, and fill the blank sections with the following data:

-    User name: UNDPGHANA
-    Password: UNDP@2013

Once you get into the UNDP Ghana webpage, tick “UNDP Ghana” and finally click on the hand lens placed under “Consumption details”. You can find a lot of information on the active power (i.e. the working power needed to create heat, light, etc.), the active energy accumulated (i.e. the actual energy consumed), the reactive power (i.e. the power stored and discharged) and other information. You can also zoom the graphs to see the daily data on an hourly basis!
Note! The UNDP building is shared with other UN Agencies, so we are responsible for only around 80% of the numbers you will find!

Monitoring the Country Office’s energy consumption on a daily basis is one of the actions that UNDP Ghana has been undertaking to improve its environmental footprint, in line with the global UN system-wide “Greening the Blue” Initiative (http://www.greeningtheblue.org/).  

Since 2010, a number of concrete activities have been carried out:
-    Initiation of a paper recycling initiative: on the basis of a memorandum of understanding, the waste paper produced by the office is collected by a local paper recycling company, which in exchange supplies UNDP with toilet rolls of equivalent value of recovered paper received. UNDP has been promoting this zero-cost initiative among other UN Agencies present in the country, advocating for an environmentally friendly United Nations. Many of them have already joined the initiative: we are moving from “Greening UNDP” to “Greening the United Nations”.
-    Replacement of all incandescent and CFL lights with energy efficient LED lights. The office has installed LED lamps, which offer long service life and high-energy efficiency. This is expected to reduce yearly our energy consumption on existing lighting by 57%, reduce our CO2 emissions by 7,135.47 KG/Year and save annually $ 3,983.
-    Installation of air conditioning saving devices: the office has installed a retrofit electronic control unit that adds intelligence to existing air conditioning systems and improves their energy efficiency. This is expected to reduce yearly our energy consumption on existing cooling by 18%, reduce our CO2 emissions by 19,045.06 KG/Year and save annually $ 10,630.
-    Participation in the UNDP Greenhouse Gases Inventory Assessment Initiative. The report analyzes the Country Office’s carbon footprint and constitutes a scientific basis for developing new greening strategies and action plans. You can download the 2009, 2010 and 2011 GHG reports at the bottom of this page.
 -    Distribution of a “Green Actions Sheet” to sensitize UNDP staff on simple environmentally friendly actions (that save paper, conserve energy, lower costs and, ultimately, protect our planet).

The UNDP Ghana Country Office is committed to initiate new steps to become more environmentally friendly and demonstrate our own commitment towards climate neutrality, whilst showcasing the effectiveness of measures, tools and technologies we advocate to our partners in promoting a low carbon path to development.

For more information, contact the Greening UNDP focal person, Mr. Paolo Dalla Stella (paolo.d.stella@undp.org). Click the links below to download our annual Greenhouse Gases inventory report.

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