Human Development

  • Papua New Guinea National Human Development ReportNov 26, 2014This report aims to provide information and national as well as international case study experiences to assist decision-making in the country.

  • 2014 Human Development Report2014 Human Development ReportJul 24, 2014The 2014 Human Development Report is the latest in the series of global Human Development Reports published by UNDP since 1990 as independent, empirically grounded analyses of major development issues, trends and policies. The report also contains the Human Development Index (HDI)

  • Human Development Report for Latin America 2013-2014Human Development Report for Latin America 2013-2014Nov 12, 2013This report analyzes the phenomenon of citizen security in-depth, studying successful experiences, and proposing concrete recommendations for improvements.

  • Asia-Pacific Human Development Report 2008Asia-Pacific Human Development Report 2008May 8, 2008This Regional Human Development Report examines the problem of corruption from the perspective of the countries of Asia and the Pacific.

  • Latin America and the Caribbean Human Development Report 2010Nov 15, 2010The Regional Human Development Report for Latin America and the Caribbean 2010 champions a new approach to understanding and tackling the prevailing inequality in terms of human development plaguing Latin American and Caribbean countries. The report is divided into six chapters, which explore the factors underpinning the persistence of inequality.