Human Development

  • Human Development Report 2015Human Development Report 2015Le rapport plaide pour une notion de travail élargie au-delà du seul cadre de l’emploi, pour faire face aux défis persistants – inégalités ou manque de durabilité – mais aussi aux défis émergents – l'érosion des emplois, écarts de compétences, changement climatique et autres.

  • SADC Regional Development Report 2000Jun 8, 2000SADC Regional Development Report 2000The Regional Human Development Reports serve as an advocacy tool to advance the development of a common approach to the national and regional dimensions of governance in the SADC Bloc. This report examines the state of human development in the SADC region and highlights common governance issues, as well as opportunities, challenges and threats to SADC regional co-operation and integration.

  • Nov 15, 2010Latin America and the Caribbean Human Development Report 2010The Regional Human Development Report for Latin America and the Caribbean 2010 champions a new approach to understanding and tackling the prevailing inequality in terms of human development plaguing Latin American and Caribbean countries. The report is divided into six chapters, which explore the factors underpinning the persistence of inequality.

  • Europe and CIS Regional Human Development Report 2008Dec 15, 2008Europe and CIS Regional Human Development Report 2008The report draws on data from an innovative six-country research study conducted by UNDP together with Oxford University researchers and local social research institutes and organisations of people living with HIV that looked at exclusion in the health, education and employment sectors from the point of view of people living with HIV.

  • Feb 15, 2010Asia-Pacific Human Development Report 2010The Report makes it clear that achieving gender equality promotes human development—not only for women, but for whole societies, and is central to achieving the Millennium Development Goals.