Preparing National Strategies to Achieve the MDGs

This handbook is a hands-on guide to help developing countries prepare MDG-based national development strategies. It translates the recommendations of the UN Millennium Project and lessons learned through the project’s country advisory work into a user-friendly “how-to” format that can assistmore


Strategy for Scaling Up Support to the MDGs

This document outlines a strategy for strengthening the UN system’s support to governments to accelerate progress towards MDGs by combining policy support for the MDGs with capacity development for service delivery, strategic planning, and resource mobilization. more


The Global Conversation Begins - Emerging views for a new development agenda

The United Nations and partners have launched an unprecedented series of consultations with people the world over to seek their views on a new development agenda to build on the successes of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This global conversation responds to a growing call for activemore


The MDG Acceleration Framework Toolkit

The MAF provides national stakeholders with a systematic approach to identify and analyse bottlenecks that are causing MDGs to veer off-track or to advance too slowly. It then aims to generate shared diagnostics and to recommend comprehensive, collaborative and focused actions, based on prioritizedmore

The Macroeconomic Management of Foreign Resource Inflow

This paper discusses resource flows to developing countries. The findings show that many countries had managed to attract an increasing volume of foreign resources. However, their global allocation remained uneven, with the majority of resources –  even foreign aid – flowing to middle-incomemore